My cousin asked me where to get music for this and I said I do not know the other day I ask myself why not look on the internet so I could impress her. I think I was lucky because I found not just the music but OST yes the entire OST or album. What I did next was save it on my hard drive and prepare to have it copied over to my cousin's memory stick.

Here's the sad story after copying on her memory stick It cannot be read on her console anymore even the save gam es cannot be seen any longer Oh my gulay what should we do? It appeared like I am the one responsible for what happened she got angry and ask to buy here a new memory stick good thing I save a lot of money during that day from my pay check and gladly bought here a new one.

A lesson learn from the experience, If I were you I won't try to crack about this kind of stuff as you may encounter the same thing just like what happened to me :) In closing I want you to know that I am just making a story for the purpose of writing a unique article at the same time target keywords so the story is a big joke... Cheers...

Thanks to just1ce for reporting the incorrect link.

Name: DJ Max Portable 2.cso
Size: 1.5GB (1617131787 bytes)