If you saw the movie like I did you might have enjoyed it but too bad for me I didn't get the enthusiasm like the others did when they saw it. They are saying that if I had the chance of seeing the previous sequel I could have understand what was it all about.

Anyway this is not about the motion picture this is the game which I am not sure if it became a success. For those who never had a chance of watching it on cinemas then there are ways for you to be able to watch it just search using google and type the keyword harry potter and the half blood prince movie online and hope you get to the right place to enjoy it for free.

Or you can just buy it I am sure the price have dropped already. I am planning on writing the summary of this release but I really cant think of any or I'm not just in the mood, If you want a decent detail just search or go to IGN or better yet wiki.

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