This was a popular ga me on PC.

It became available for PlayStation Portable on December 7, 2005. According to Gam espot it is difficult to recommend due to it's technical flaws one of the highlights I looked at is the Pros and Cons. (you may want to read the full details of it at GS).

I agree to Joe Dodson as he praised the eye catching graphics which I adore myself and as a whole is enjoyable without considering the technical flaws like the long and constant loading and couple of minor issues like the way to improve the skills etc.

I just finished reading the review at IGN and almost same are talk about, they say that it is different from PC where many features have been remove I wonder how they would put those on considering how limited it's capability.

Anyway this is still worth trying for me, knowing it's fre e from this site so it wont hurt anything.

Name: The Sims 2.iso
Size: 299.7MB (314278281 bytes)