This is the best g4me I ever played on my PlayStation Portable and the only one I spent time to finish. Almost everything from this release is good from the story, graphics, controls, execution name it this is the best for me and I recommend this to all gmers out there.

You wouldn't want to miss this folks as this will rock yourself of being a gamer. I had difficulty killing Charon where I got stuck but I am proud that I did not use any cheats just to kill him. I had to repeat it several times and when I finally finish him I shout to the fullest with joy.

All you need to do is destroy the columns when his on top of it as quickly as you can and when he hits make sure you take cover or deflect his attacks.

I wonder what ares battle greek is all about? If you know what greek ares is can you tell me by leaving comments at the bottom? Thanks in advance.

The last boss was pretty easy to finish I was attempting to read a walkthrough but I said to myself it is not difficult to beat compared to the latter bosses that I encountered all you need is familiarization and strategy to kill her.

Name: God of War.iso
Size: 1.5GB (1641084928 bytes)