I was thinking of uploading this on rapidshare but they only allow 100 MB for each session that means I have to split the it into four separate archives which I do not prefer because I designed this site to avoid hassle for the users and myself.

I am thinking about putting it on TORRENT as well that way there will be many options of getting it here. Well torrent is advantage if there are many seeders but the problem is people tend to practice hit and run once they obtain it they will not seed.

I think I will stick on uploading the file on adrive or MU. Let's go for a quick REVIEW I tried this myself and it's far way better than Buzz if you know that similar category but again this is far better the questions are more challenging and the execution is not boring.

If you request for me to include a torrent link here I will do so.

Name: Hot Brain.iso
Size: 339.4MB (355867976 bytes)