I had publish LocoRoco 2 earlier than the first release. I thought Patapon is super unique but here comes a similar gam3.

It's just the characters and the environment that they changed and I do not know what to say next :) because I do not want to play this but the back side is I wont be able to write anything unless I do so :D that's okay.

If there is someone who's kind enough would you please write something about this and leave it via the comments when I see it I will edit this and include what you wrote instead...

Sleepy and there's not much I can say all I know is that I want to sleep and dream about a nice girl a beautiful one who's gonna .... .... ... you know what I mean but I need to wake up because I cant take a nap from where I am :)

Name: LocoRoco2.iso
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