This is so popular that sold over 1 million copies world wide. It is based on a book written by someone I am not aware of. He wrote book 1 2 and 3 which is popularly searched on the internet.

Although it received criticisms on review sites it still became popular and received awards. I tried it myself and I would say it's not bad. But I'm not into finishing it as it's more of a kiddy type.

The cartoon series is for Kids anyway so that's fair enough. All the major character's on the Cartoon series is playable including Momo the flying Lemur.

The missions are quite good but not the best for me. This I would say is good for kids.

Torrent again folks yes because it is popular I suggest you put this on your niches because it is nice to include it.

Name: Avatar the Last Airbender.cso
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