The main goal is to win and complete all the racing modes. When you win a race new tracks, cars, and events are unlocked.

Compete against other cars in different varieties of modes

Race against up to four cars in a 3 lap race on any track, Race against a legend car to win the car.

Race against the clock. The goal is to complete a lap as fast as you can. You can do as many laps as you like.

World tour version of time attack. You try to complete a lap by the medal time

Make other cars crash to earn takedowns. In world tour, you will have a time limit. You finish by running out of time on the clock or inflict too much damage.

Try to take out the bad guy before time runs out or your health gets too low. All new boss challenge pursuit events.

Compete in crash events to unlock new cars and levels.

Name: Burnout Legends.cso
Size: 263.7MB (276526710 bytes)