I was searching for details about this and the title seems to have been around since 1978. It originated from a children's book written by Judi Barrett according to Wikipedia.

It had an accompanying movie and is known to have created a world guinness record of creating the largest Meatball in Mexico to promote the movie and the g4me.

In this gam3 you will control Flint Lockwood the heroin of the City called sprikitik

The main goal is to clean up all the mess around Swallow Falls which is caused by Flint's invention the Machine that causes food to fall from the sky.

These are different kind of foods, There are several tools which you can use to help you clean up the mess such as chopper-er, forkamajigger, upsucker Plus, Bigacious Pow, Hot Enougher, Outtasighter and may more.

I did not see any rating from GS about it but IGN gave it a score of 6.0

Name: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.iso
Size: 358.5MB (375886614 bytes)