This is just another RPG developed by Hit Maker and published in 2007 by Nippon Ichi Software.

It was a hit in Japan although criticized according to wikipedia due to the slowness of the play.

Not just that I stopped reading reviews on both IGN and GS as it rained with criticism from the beginning of the article.

It may have not been well developed or something imagine 4.5 from GS and 5.5 from IGN.

It could have been a waste of money if you bought this...

Whether it is crappy or you just want to keep it as a collection or you want to try it because your curious, help others know if it is worth trying or not by leaving comments...

I will update this page with cheats and walkthroughs later...

Name: Dragoneers Aria USA.iso
Size: 233.8MB (245200893 bytes)