This is based on a cartoon series popular in North America. This was a request by darkathalos.

You can play as three different characters such as Peter, Brian and Stewie each with unique gam3play.

I read GS review about this and the writer said the funny part of it were forgotten or removed.

Well in my own opinion I think it's difficult to put comedy on any portable console if that's what your looking for...

I just finished reading the review at IGN and at the end of the article the writer said it was not worth buying.

Are the review sites kidding or they're being honest? Well that could only be judge by yourself.

So if your a fan of the cartoon series and you want to play it on your console get it for fee now!!!

IGN rating 4.1 while GS gave it 6.4 not bad isn't it with all those humor removed...

Name: Family Guy.iso
Size: 807.9MB (847152194 bytes)