In the old tradition, Lord Vogurodo Beru the world chained somewhere, that the world owes to support sanctions against its mighty magic.

We Magic tribe to be a servant of the Lord, admonish and unseal the chain, human beings and the fight had been long in reaching the tribe to stop the speculation of demons.

25 years ago in the battle, the tribe started to attack the human world because many demons had been signed by the gate of one human community and the world of M4gic tribe.

However, when the queen of his army of Erufaran fiercely Satan was defeated and led to peace in the world.

Time passed, Ken Ou Erufaran left the world, blood was passed down to their three daughters. Eli El daughter, Shidoraeru daughter, and youngest daughter of Guradorieru.

Guradorieru of the 13th birthday, the day my mother came to inherit the cr0wn of golden Erufaran.

De-Guradorieru Varendia, the girl will be the new ruler was a taking of their lives were threatened by the demon people.

SEGA & ATLUS has been developed as a joint project in 1997, Sega released as Satansofuto.

"Sword and sorcery fantasy" motif and a unique painting style in the beautifully drawn 2D graphics to captivate the Satanyuza,
Classic action to keep fans captivated still RPG previous work is mainly user.

"Illustrated stories for adults!" The work being put together on the concept of the PSP portable machine that's Ue revived in the palm!

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