This does not look like a g4me to me. It is more of a music mixer rather than a gam3.

This is intended for wannabe DJ's I think considering "Timbaland" as featured on this application.

I am not sure how popular this became but judging by the amount of people who wants to be DJ's or into mixing music. I do not think this will hit the spot of becoming popular.

I am just assuming though without any facts so let's see how many will be sold after a months of being released.

For those who are into music mixing and turn tables grab a fee copy from this site now. I will see if I can put a mirror on this on MEGAUPLOAD. Because megaupload is good when adrive is busy so yes I am making on on megaupload as an alternative link.

Name: Beaterator.iso
Size: 906.2MB (950239232 bytes)