I do not know what to write about this and I am looking for a topic that I can bubble with, I know this is old and no trends at all so I am clueless what to discuss.

But there are words I would like to include here like repair, how to fix, string, shimano a company that provides tools for f1shing. There are many how to out there that you can use as a guide there even has video tutorials all you need is to search from Google or Yahoo.

I would like to include shakespeare as well as antique or old tools and that's as far as I would like to add nothing else but I know I have to add more words otherwise this page will look untidy specially the video.

Let me think about what to write here let's say going out on a river and boating, isn't that a good idea for recreation? Go out with your girlfriend and if you know that she likes nature tripping this is one of the sweetest thing to do? At least for me :) If your girlfriend is sacred of water and it caused head ache to her then goodluck to you and please do not blame me because I just want to write something here and I know it's non sense so good luck to me.

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