Based on the cartoon series which is similar to Ben10 as far as I know but I haven't seen any episodes. I read it is season made or what's the right term into the mouth of darkness? Is that correct lols :D

This is the fifth time I rewrote this because I am not sure of what I am saying so I asked eterno if he watched the episodes but he said no so I look for another source and saw drew who was naked and I punch him in the face because of that. I saw my nephew and asked if he watched the title and luckily he said yes, Lucky me he even said he collected some toys of it. He said once more the nightmare factory that's where it came from and we laugh because we were babbling when he shouted that word.

He had a friend who's name was hentia and he introduce me to here and we shake our hands as a greeting, Now hentia was a beautiful girl and I asked here for a date but she declined maybe next time and she gave her number. I will update this page once we go out for a date. :) To be continued...

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