I thought this was popular I know many got this file when I first published it but that was due to someone who stole my link and put it somewhere maybe on his site or forum this is an open message to you whom ever you are, I hope you get karma where your site get hacked by an elite h4x0R and never come up again.

After that I figured out that many have been copying the contents of my site not just one but they're many, Those people are heartless who wants to earn without effort and they never think about the people who works hard to have something to publish in their respective sites, Those are burglars who want's fame like my colleague at work who brown noses just to get on top who really had no skills on our job but all he does is make himself look techy in front of our bosses but not a single skill he has because his slow learner and he who stole £200 just to buy a laptop in Belfast, He who is envy of me who slanders me of our colleagues in Belfast because that's all he can do to climb up of his desperate situation all he can do is pretend but you know what there will always be a karma waiting, His always watching you know so good luck.

Name: Shin Megami Tensei Persona.cso
Size: 531.6MB (557454322 bytes)