I got this file from torrent yes indeed but I made sure that it is clean before putting to adrive because I care for the safety of my visitors ohhhh drama forget it lols.

I decided to publish this because I saw from reviews that this is pretty good well maybe not because I did not really read any reviews about this I just want to include that keyword here and I want you to know that using walkthroughs can help you easily finishing this. Or better yet use cheats. You can watch videos about how to use cheats or video walkthrough on youtube.

This is fun when played with friends as it's boring playing alone. Something to take note of that this is also available on PC,Wii and Xbox 360.

I haven't tested this and I am warning you that this may not work on your console due to the file being not patched yet. If someone got a hold of this already can you tell me if it worked for you or not? I will try this myself and update this page later. If it did not work then I will patch it myself and re-upload. You may want to try my other post about Battle Front Elite Squadron

Name: Star Wars The Clone Wars Republic Heroes.iso
Size: 1.4GB (1486149632 bytes)