Hog the south island! But I'm not alone. LocoRoco live on this island's inhabitants appeared in the 3D world, you will meet your new residents.

You LocoRoco series or purchase the item, the more they spend, and communicates with residents of Rokoairando, this island we are busy developing more and more fun.

LocoRoco inhabitants of the world. Rokoairando evolving personal space. Hanged at this place as you play, the more tricks and new residents have a tree house.

Upgrade your first tree house. Tree House upgrade can be done by passing the Muimuikingu Piccoli.
Piccoli Muimui and communicate with people on the island, you can earn as a reward.

While Muimui walk past the greeting.
If a despondent Muimui greeting and let them dance with your energy! From Muimui was fine, I have to thank Piccoli

Ttara nuts, to the Muimui here.
Piccoli and I get to replace the nut! The type of nut collection, get different Piccoli.

Waiting to try your love Reversi Muimui corner of the cafe.
Piccoli won a stunning victory if!
This is a Reversi game with friends can be.

Keyou a unique worlds Muimuikingu Piccoli!

We will rise like a tree house is a gimmick.
Piccoli Collect a lot more that I can not Muimuikingu from a special reward!

LocoRoco to island tree house furniture if the series is more lively!
And if you buy a costume, such as furniture and Rokorokoaitemu, yellow LocoRoco "Kuruche" is incremented.
The one constant is reached Kuruche In addition, a special treat!

Also, when certain furniture LocoRoco personal appearance somewhere in the space of the series characters!
Their character may be able to help you in different situations?

Name: Locoroco Midnight Carnival USA.iso
Size: 199.7MB (209428480 bytes)