This is most awaited and requested everywhere which is now available here.

As promised by the maker, stages were made bigger and has more interactivity,

Example are the walls or floors that can be broken that reveals new fighting areas. Enhanced player customization.

One of the highlights is the "rage", I think this is more of a combo giving characters more damage per hit when their vitality is below a certain point.

When rage is enabled or activated, a chakra like energy will surround the body of the character, and their health bar will flicker in customizable colors.

Some colors and effects appear like fire, electricity, and ice.

Another new feature is the "bound" system. A special move where an opponent that is currently midair in doing a combo,

Will cause the opponent to be smashed hard into the ground, bouncing them off the floor in a stunned state and leaving them vulnerable to another combo or additional attack.

Right enough of those teasers let's get it on and grab this for free now!!!

Note: This is already fixed so no need to apply the intructions below!!!

Name: Tekken 6.iso
Size: 816MB (855638016 bytes)


Here's the How to fix it:

1. Get this ripkit
2. Extract the archived file.
3. Double Click .exe (make sure you have .net framework installed for it to work!!!)
4. Click SELECT and locate the i so
5. Click START and wait till the process is done.
6. Put the finish product on the IS O folder of your Memory Stick.

Enjoy the playing!!!!