Metal Slug XX for PSPNew games seems to have all been released now as no new games are coming out.

There actually are but those are Japanese games only, Where Japanese folks can only enjoy poor us who do not understand Japanese.

Speaking about Japanese, Since there is no new games to publish here, I decided to upload this game and make it available here. Metal Slug XX free download for PSP.

I am not sure if the game itself is Japanese or English but I have feeling that this is indeed Japanese as the trailer I watched was in Japanese.

Come on too much of that Japanese Keyword search engines may think that Im spamming because of that word...

I never am I fan of this quite popular game but it's worth a try, Watching the trailer there's not much that change.

Still looking crappy 2D graphics, tiny characters and boring missions...

That's rude isn't it? Well I suggest you download this game now and see for yourself and hope you understand the language.

Cheers and Happy Playing...

Name: Metal Slug XX.iso
Size: 442.2MB (463702016 bytes)