Tomb Raider Anniversary PSPTomb Raider Anniversary Free PSP Game Download is a joint development venture by Crystal Dynamics and Buzz Monkey Software. Published August 9, 2007 by Eidos Interactive in North America.

Tomb Raider Anniversary for PSP seems to have become a success during it's release based on reviews and comments I read.

The story of the game sounds interesting it is all about the Scion an Artifact which Lara needs to collect. Scion is divided into three pieces and is located on different places.

The main goal of Tomb Raider Anniversary for PSP and the other ports is to collect the three pieces of Scion and of course defeat all the enemies you may encounter on each stage.

Gamespot gave it a score of 7.5 and IGN with 7.8 both gave it a good review.

Name: Tomb Raider Anniversary.iso
Size: 1.2GB (1291190272 bytes)