This is scheduled to be release today and why the heck is it available here already? It's been on some forums and other sites already. I usually look for details about a evry post I make to be able to write something about it but when I searched it did not came up on top of results maybe the official site is not optimized to be crawled easily by search engines.

I wonder if this is already available for purchase at Amazon and E-bay since this is yet to be release in the morning.

I will not discuss anything about this but here is the link of the official site for you to read what it is all about I haven't tried it myself so I cannot guarantee that it is working, Please do not ask if it's working or not! You may want to try it on GEN D-3 or GEN-C and let me know and others who will get this. Try going to features and if you read the comments you will notice that many are looking to have it hopefully they are not bias and not payed by the publisher.

Name: Army Of Two 40 Day.iso
Size: 750MB (786417664 bytes)

Download | Mirror on MU