Gundam vs Gundam Next Plus PSPGundam vs Gundam Next Plus for PSP is just another Japanese game asked to be uploaded and published by the first ever female visitor named Rachel a.k.a Kezuna, They're might have been female visitor's but I was not just aware.

I was looking for details about Gundam vs Gundam Next Plus Sony PSP but major review sites seem to have not wrote any articles about it not even details so I looked somewhere else and found which is not a review but plain details.

Hi kezuna if you ever read this article can you please share your experience playing this game by leaving a comment below? Thank you in advance as this will help me upload more games... And thanks for the kiss :D

For more info and for you to have an idea how the game looks below is a video I found on youtube. I am not likely playing this game as do not understand Japanese.

Name: Gundam vs Gundam Next Plus.iso
Size: 1.6GB (1757806592 bytes)