I already had one of these but that was japanese I think this is just the english version of it. People seems crazy looking for cheats to easily finish this gam3 but it's quite difficult to find one . I could have figured out a cheat myself or create a separate site for cheats but I just don't have time to do so.

This is already fixed by the way no need for a ripkit or patch to be able to play it and this was tested to work on M33 so are GEN custom firmware. If you encounter any problems with this file feel free to leave it via the comments and I will do my best to help.

For more information about this you can visit wiki which has a lot of details that you can check. You can also check IGN or GS for reviews and commentaries. Right I can't say more just and take it easy :)

Name: Armored Core Silent Line Portable.iso
Size: 296 MB (310,465,442 bytes)