It seems that even though this is old many people are still looking for it most specially cheats I do not know why every player need to cheat is it really that difficult to beat this release? I am asking because I haven't tried it myself. :) I think we do not really need to use cheat on racing gams should we? Well It's up to you for me I do not recommend it because the challenges looses when you use cheats.

I got this file from a torrent but I can guarantee you that this is clean and virus free as I scan it before uploading, It was difficult to find so I resorted in using torrent that's what I always do when looking for difficult to find files, You will surely find it on torrents. Now I am not sure if this is English or Japanese but I am quite sure that it is indeed english. Can someone please kindly confirm if this is english once you tried it?

I was looking for a manual how to play this for me to be able to write something here but it's rare and difficult to find one so what Im gonna do is dig more until I reach the earths core as well as the outer space and update this page later and provide that manual but you know what it's fairly to play this because it's self figurable that even can understand so I think we do not really need any manual here.

I think this article is enough I am saving the rest of the space for the trailer and some stuffs that needs to be included so I hope I have save enough room.

Name: Initial D Street Stage.ISO (patch)
Size: 1.1GB (1187936256 bytes)