Due to high demand I am publishing Tweexter for our beloved console I already saw this in the past and played it myself and it was really fun and mind enhancing it can improve your vocabulary in English specially if you are not a native speaker of the said language like me.

Please take note that this is not an official release from any developer or publishing company this was made possible to us by reizencroft who made the homebrew, All credits to him for this brilliant g ame. You can visit his site, there you can see screen captures and trailer.

I haven't seen a similar home brew developed by someone else if you ever saw one or tried another kindly leave the name via comments and I will gladly include it here for the visitors to enjoy.


Since this is homebrew we put it on our memory stick similar to PSX's.

1. Extract the zip file.
2. Copy the folder on e.g. E:\PSP\Game\ of your memory stick.
3. Launch it from the XMB (main screen)
4. Enjoy!!!! :D

Name: Text Twist.zip
Size: 2.4MB (2500298 bytes)

Download | MU | MF