Like a blink of an eye Major League Baseball 10 The Show.iso came out and Who What? it's already available here? Yes indeed but not yet on adrive as I am uploading it still. Give a couple of hours and I will make it happen on adrive it's just that they're super slow today maybe they're doing some sort of maintenance.

It's been announced that this is already fixed or patch so no need for a ripkit or anything special that would make us be able to play it, But someone whom I know to be a geek in fixing confirmed that it is not working on his 5.03 MHU others recon that he might have edited the file the reason having it getting corrupted.

Okay do not get too excited because I will not be providing any links at the moment but I am borrowing and I will put it via the comments, I am not into stealing so I will credit whomever upped it via MU so cheers to jedi double O 7 :) Hi5 shouts what else kudos and praises to you sir.

Name: MLB10 The Show.iso
Size: 1.36 GB (1368903008 bytes)

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