Request by dee, Dude sorry for the late post, it took me sometime to convert this because I've been busy lately. I am proud to announce that this is 100% working tested by me although this is RPG I did not play it in full because again I do not play RPG it's boring for me watching the characters move by themselves after giving commands and the dialogues makes me snooze lols. It works for me on GEN-C, GEN-D3 and M33-6 so you should have no issues playing this I tried using 4.01 pops and it worked. Sorry can't text you that this is already available because I can't find my charger. Hope you enjoy this :)

Size: 417.6MB (437893135 bytes)
Name: PSX Jade Cocoon Story of the Tamamayu EBOOT.PBP
Size: 417.61 MB

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