I never had the chance finishing this during the PS1, When someone on Facebook fan page requested for it I did not hesitate because I myself is a fan of it. I did not thought that it's gonna work because the original file was as iso, POPsGui warned me that it may not work but since I'm a man who do not easily give up I still tried with cross fingers and wallah it worked like a charm that's on 4.01 pops.

This is quite difficult to find on the internet and I am hoping this page get's on top of mount Everest come on big G site this page lols and find it relevant for users. I know I still need to build connections and that's what I am doing so feed some patience...

Goodluck and cheers to everyone Just a quick note if it did not work for you stick your finger inside your nose and pull it slowly next put that finger on your mouth and lick it slowly then try it, If it works already I betcha it should otherwise call your mom and ask assistance lol.

Name: PSX Metal Gear Solid.rar
Size: 921 MB

Disc 1 | Disc 2

Note: Do not be scared with the size divide them into as this are 2 separate files