Woohooo I love this month I really do... Why? It's obvious that there's just so many nice ga mes coming out.

They come from torrents, megaupload, rapidshare and hey I use to put them on adrive. I think this is the best site so far in getting cso or ISO. Okay I am misleading now who myself because I do not know what to say next hahaha.

I don't care if you say that my English is bad as I am for sure a non native English speaker so expect the worst grammar in the planet earth well pluto if you want if it can be seen.

Right so what else can I babble about? Nah there's nothing left dang neighboring sites they over rank on SERPs wonder why maybe this page is too dense I'll check that later... Anyways just enjoy this new stuff... Ciao

Name: Ace Combat Joint Assault X2 [USA].iso
Size: 1.3GB (1376305825 bytes)