Tada early post to get on top of Everest hopefully no one has written about this yet for big G to notice this iso and rank me yeah.

It's getting higher and higher the what? The competition, The big L o O S e R blog in the past is now raking up the traffic and made it's way on top of almost the new releases coming out and darn I am left in the midst of nowhere trying different tactics just to get some decent traffic.

Anyway too much of babbling I've gotten the file but it's the old one. This is due for release next month November I just want to be the first to write about this. Make sure to go back next month or subscribe below and for sure I will be the first to obtain that file your next after me of course and the whole world wide web in short that WWWW yes four W's lol.

Name: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.iso
Size: 985.4MB (1033275392 bytes)