Right so I thought this was new and I wanted to immediately publish it but dang this has been around since 2009 one yer ago maybe it was just a re-post but that's okay because it is still an additional collection on this site.

I saw the game-play on youtube and again it looks retarded because the character looks like a grown up kid with big heads actually all of the characters have big heads and you keep on smashing the enemies with a hammer. Oh right Gensan is Japanese and the title in English is Hammerin' Hero. This particular release is EUR and multilingual it includes English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Right I cannot think of any other stuff to talk about this is fixed already and is tested to run on all Custom Firmwares including 5.00 M33-6, 5.50 GEN-Dx 5.03 GEN-C and of course Prometheus Vx.

I found this file on torrent and I am providing a link for torrent later I will seed first then update this page if I get at least 100 seeders. I have uploaded it on megaupload as well may be I will put it on rapidshare too.

Name: Gensan.iso
Size: 342.4MB (359036928 bytes)