Oh my gulay I can't believe there would be such release for the PlayStation Portable but whenever the release date be I will surely try and see if I would finish it.

Sad it will come out in JAPAN first and I have no idea when would an English version come out. I know hungry gam ers are looking after this so if you want to be the first to play this make sure you Like on the Facebook Fan Page now to be updated when it's out. Surely I am gonna be the first to have this!!!

According to my source it will be out in Japan on December 22, 2010 just before Christmas. For those who have already played the latter sequel you will surely like this as I've read some parts of the story. I would love to share it here but I decided not as I want it to be a surprise for all. Just a hint if no one knows yet the Setting is in New York City and the Year is 2012 that's all.

Right for those who are blind and who do not know how to read this site is no faker and FYi this is not out yet if you know how to read it could save time leaving a comment that this is not real!!! Again this is just a teaser and will be out on the 22nd!!!

Some Screen Captures from the Developers:

Name: Parasite Eve The 3rd Birthday.iso
Size: Unknown