This is one of the first gam es I ever played on Play Station Potable.

This is a first person shooting gam e which depicts ground battle during the World War II.

This has become a big hit on the Big Consoles such as The PlayStation 2, XBOX360 and the PS3.

It was my favorite on my PS2. The controls are quite different on the PSP though and game experience is not the best compared to that of the big consoles.

As a matter of fact it was criticize by review sites due to it's glitches with the controls.

It is unclear whether it is a bug on the controls or it is within the game itself, there are times when you will get stuck on a corner for no obvious reasons.

IGN score of 6.6 while G amespot with 6.2

Name: Call of Duty Roads to Victory.iso
Size: 434.7MB (455796736 bytes)