This has been a success since it was released. I wouldn't forgive myself if I do not have or have not publish it here.

I think I do not have to discuss the details of this since I am assuming that everyone knows about GTA, If you know nothing about it then you must be from another planet, I tell you this is one of the greatest of all time and shouldn't be missed by any g4mer.

This is a one hell of freedom geam that's what I want to call it you do whatever you want as if there are no rules but there are missions you need to accomplish of course otherwise it wouldn't make any sense playing.

Unleash your urge of becoming free like there is nothing that can stop you well in the actual gam3 there are Police who will chase you of being barbaric (what a term) lol.

I am saying this because when I am playing it on I act like a prisoner who just got out and want to create havoc all over the city I kill, wreck, shoot everything I see until I get a case and get chase by the police. If I get chased I will kill the police as well, Oh how violent that is...

You see what kind of personality I have lol that's just when playing it though I am good and kind in person :D

Here are cheats for you to easily finish this. I am providing this cheat as a spoiler for you guys.

Name: GTA Vice City Stories.cso
Size: 658MB (689956527 bytes)

Download | Mirror (working hopefully :D )