This for sure is a popular gam e and highly recommended by review sites.

So popular that ga mers became amaze of the gameplay it offers. Right what about it's gameplay you might ask, well you will never see such similar releases alike anywhere if ever there is then that's a copycat.

You control the Pata pons - tiny hmmm how shoud I say it, let's see uhmm really cant think of any well just call it pat apon it's difficult to tell what they are. You control them following the beats by pressing the buttons that appears on the screen.

There are enemies you may encounter and you should be quick and good enough to follow the beat in order to defeat them.

All g ames has got story behind them but Im not into telling the story about this, I am giving that to you as your task.

Here are some cheats if your having difficulty playing, Do not abuse it to keep the challenge.

Name: Patapon 2.iso
Size: 389.5MB (408409961 bytes)