A combination of three puzzle games that will really rock your brain one of which is my favorite lemmings and my brother's favorite on Linux sudoku which he finish in just one day we were competing to finish it but he won too bad for me I was slow.

Puzzle pack for PSP is a nice game specially for kids to develop their thinking capabilities and strategy. There are many puzzle games out there but this is worth buying because it's three in one and the bundle is pretty good.

Well no need to buy since it's free from this site so puzzle game fans out there grab this game now and let your brain's be rocked...

No rating from gamespot for this game but critics and users gave it 6.5 and 7.0 IGN did not know this game exists it appears as it's no where to be found in their site.

Name:Puzzle Pack.iso
Size: 802.2MB (841187328 bytes)