Resistance Retribution for PSP is one of my favorite games although I was not able to finish this game Im gonna rate this as good. I chose the difficult mode as I want to challenge how good I am with the game.

Another reason is that I wanted to increase my level of patience there were times where I thought that the game is unfair because it was so difficult to kill the enemies underwater It took me decades to finish that level I cant remember which but I would rate the difficulty as superb.

There is one thing that I did not like abuot Resistance Retribution for Sony PSP though it was the language or the phrases Grayson speaks of during the game it was vulgar, swagger as his character and quite violent but that's what this game is all about anyway so I'll let that pass.

I would like to tell something about the story but it would appear to be a duplicate in the eyes of everyone since it is already available on some other sites like wiki and it's official website.

Oh wait there was a love making scene happened between Grayson and Bouchard after Bouchard's father died or after she was rescued by Grayson when she was about to be converted into a Chimera it's not so clear when but at the top of my head it's either of the two.

I would say story is great because it caught my attention and until now it still flashes on my head lols is that possible if your crazy like me then it is.

Okay that's all I can say about Resistance Retribution free psp download now!!!

Name: Resistance Retribution.iso
Size: 1.6GB (1669724160 bytes)