Rock Band Unplugged for PSP a revolutionized puzzle game which is available on almost all of the platforms even on arcades.

The following are my thoughts and experience about the game so if ever you do not agree of what I am going to say feel free to leave it on the comments to let everyone know.

I played Rock Band Unplugged PSP myself and what I liked about the game are the available music you can listen to, It really rocks as the title speaks the graphics looks nice and the controls well yes it sucks I don't know but I am not enjoying playing the game just by pressing buttons on PSP your like a retard pushing buttons while it appears on the screen and hey your playing by yourself as the whole band.

I know Rock Band became popular on the big consoles but yet they tried to put it on PSP which I think was not a good idea at all compared to the big consoles they made a real looking guitar so you'll feel like your really playing the instrument but on PSP it's just the buttons, I wonder if it's possible to plug one on your PSP to feel the game lol.

Maybe I was just expecting too much because I played on a band when I was on college I play guitar and as someone who's been in to music for real you may not want or you may not be impress about Rock Band Unplugged for Sony PSP as a game.

Name: Rock Band Unplugged.iso
Size: 1.3GB (1342275584 bytes)