This is a strategy type developed and published by Ubisoft.

GS Critics gave it a score of 7.0 and Users with 4.8 while IGN 7.1 dubbed "Decent".

If you played this in the past then you should already know how it works.

It is a typical turn-based s just like chess where you move then your enemies turn when your done.

When I first heard of the title I thought it was more of an action type that's why I decided to published it.

But at the start of it I immediately quit and deleted, This is one of the criticized factor about Tom Clancy's End War the graphics.

It's hard to recommend this to you all but if your looking for a past time where you want to test your skill then this may entertain a little but would not make you play up to the last.

I will be providing a walkthrough once I play this next time if you landed here looking for one then you came to the wrong place because there isn't any try searching for another site. :)

Name: End of War.iso
Size: 210.8MB (221085696 bytes)