A simulation type but is not the best within the category as a matter of fact this was rated poor by major review sites and I myself would rate the same due to poor graphics, controls oh my name it as if it's a waste of time and money if you ever purchased it.

I don't get it if they spent millions or even billion dollars on the movies why spend a little for the development of this particular release? Well no one knows but I think they were not expecting too much audience for this.

Oops I forgot if this is revenge of the fallen or the first release but I am pretty sure this is the new one. It's because I quit immediately when I saw the graphics instead of being amazed my eyes hurt when I saw it at first hand lol (over rated) but that's the truth.

The system requirements for this is a console with custom firmware on at least 5.00 M33-6 or any GEN release. I cannot find any cheats about this so find yourself if you want :).

Name: Transformers.iso
Size: 778.8MB (816644096 bytes)