This seems to be a trend on the internet people just keep on searching them specially the cheats maybe they want to finish it quickly which I don't practice that much unless it's been weeks since I played a certain type that's difficult to beat.

I tried this myself but it did not caught my interest although I had this on my PS2 which my elder brother and I played at night and finish. It seems to be a common glitch on the portable version that it becomes difficult for the controls to handle and manage causing frustration and leaving it behind and just trying to get another to entertainment.

Let's shift topic, the file is a cso and tested to work on most firmware's so you shouldn't have any issues when you obtain this on your consoles and played. If your having some issues and not satisfied with the graphics due to compression try rebuilding it using UMDGENv4 then save it as iso.

Name: Socom US Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo.cso
Size: 835.4MB (876024292 bytes)