CiSO Converter v1.00 GUI v0.3 For PSP

Want to save some space and add more games on your Memory Stick Pro Duo? Well this tool might be of help.

CSO files are smaller than ISO's why? ISO is a direct image copy of the game and CSO from the name itself is compressed ISO.

But Im warning you as this might cause some lags on games so be careful when choosing compression level.

Creator: andrei_
Version: v1.00 GUI v0.3
Name: ISO - CSO
Size: 107.1K (109661 bytes)


-added level of compresion on DAX-CSO
-fixed the level 8 compresion with cso files
-added more compresion/decompression

With this tool you can:
Compress DAX -> ISO
Decompress ISO -> DAX
Compress ISO -> CSO
Decompress CSO ->ISO

Credits go to Booster ciso.exe go to Dark_ALex dax compressor zlib creators i just made the GUI.

Hope you enjoY this!