Torrent yes I got this from torrent that's how I got a hold of this release which is based from the movie with the same title. Why did I chose torrent as my source? That's because there is a little competition with that and many people are seeding during that time.

If you know it's low then it's an opportunity for us and bigger chance of getting ranked. You know what I mean? Definitely not because I am talking about something else.

What is subtitle and how can we obtain one for this? Well You can always go to a site where it offers such and there you could save it on your hard drive and drag on VLC when watching the movie. But what is the use of the subtitle with this gme we just published? Well nothing it's just a way for me to ranked and get exposure around the world... What are you talking about? Nothing I'm just bubbling...

Name: G-Force.iso
Size: 1.1GB (1230602240 bytes)