Note: This is not an official Counter Strike from VALVE / STEAM
or from any publishing company.

This is homebrew developed by indenpendent individuals.

Credits to Stealthkill.

Please be reminded that it is in Beta release at the moment and bugs may be encountered.

Changelog 0.8B2

Bullet Spread
Skybox (Added from Kurok0.4)
Clean Menus
Rescue Zones on CS maps
Buy Zones on all Maps
Bomb Zones on DE maps
Grenade Fix
Throw Weapons Fix (need some models)
Fixed bug that allowed Terrorists to buy Counter-Terrorist Weapons

Fixed bug that allowed Counter-Terrorists to buy Terrorist Weapons
Fixed bug that allowed to plant the bomb everywhere
Transparent Texture Support
Some Menus Fixed
3rd Person Weapon
Grenade Fix
Mp5 Faster
Mac10 Fixed

cs_assault, cs_italy, de_aztec, de_dust2, de_dust, fy_poolday


1. Extract the zip file on your Desktop.
2. The folder name should be CSPortable 0.8B2
3. Copy this folder (CSPortable 0.8B2) on z:\PSP\GAME\ (I used z as an example yours might be different)
4. It should appear as z:\PSP\GAME\CSPortable 0.8B2\
5.Play and Enjoy. :)

Name: Counter Strike Portable.iso
Size: Null