In this release you control the monkey Prince, you will travel across various areas, meet Team members, fight monsters, earn Chips and carry out quests.

You must choose from predetermined routes similar to board games.

Battles rely on the equipment used and strength. There are mini-gam3s, which are entirely based on skill.

You must earn Chips in order to summon a Warrior during Battles specially if oyu encountered a Boss or a strong enemy.

You can recruit Team Members around by talking to them around the ares, who are all supply peddlers.

The game's storyline revolves around destroying various golems throughout each area.

These take the form of a lion, a wolf, a snake and a crab, among others. These are in minig4me form and usually involve dodging attacks until the foe moves in, then attacking.

Name: Ape Quest.cso
Size: 256.1MB (268576309 bytes)