I do not know why cwcheats is so popular with this category. What would you get in using such a cwcheats in playing this gmae? I think your fooling yourself in doing so. I think we better use cheatcodes instead you know to easily finish this game. Hey Im not retard this is a tactic so forgive my confusing article what's important is the link at the bottom so just ignore this non sense text.

Okay enough with the cwcheats as I say better use cheats to beat it easily. Alright there is nothing much that I could say and my son woke up because I am still up at this late time he sure is looking for me lol. So just go ahead and cheat your way to end your suffering in beating the difficult mode of this.

Oh I need to add more but I really can't think of anything to say so that's it for now hope I get ranked cheers to all...

Name: Medal 2.cso
Size: 357.7MB (375026790 bytes)