This is based on the movie with the same title. I watched it myself and I tell you it's the worst ever that you will see.

I was a fan of the cartoon series since I was child and I always wait until there is a new episode after school. It's popular in school and the character's are imitated in action when playing g4mes.

Although the movie is crappy I would still recommend playing it as the experience is different.

Effects are cool, controls are not bad and the characters are well I'm gonna let you decide for yourselves as I didn't like the cast and crew as if they 're not real, Maybe it is a low budget film, at the end of the show I told my girl friend, "what a waste of money and time".

Some people are searching for English Subtitle even though it is already in English, maybe those are for people who has problems with hearing. The Sequel is fine but I don't really know what that means I'm just trying to hijack the keyword to get on top of SERPs lol.

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