I am publishing this together with a cwcheat for you to easily beat your opponent. I was searching what would be the max stats that you can reach but this information is so rare and difficult to find.

I played this myself and I liked it personally I would say this is a brilliant release from EA and it's good to see our very own Manny Pacquiao. I always use him and fight even on heavy weight division using the cheat I finish all of them with a super punch plus combo's that knocks them on the ground. If I don't use a cheat I often loose because it's difficult controlling the character.

I am looking forward for the new version of this cool g4me it would be nice to see more action and I hope they improve the controls. I had one of these on my PS2 which my friends and I enjoyed playing after school and during the weekend we were crazy pushing the buttons until someone knocks out.

Name: Fight Night Round 3.cso
Size: 162.7MB (170554736 bytes)