This was released December 04, 2008.

It's like one of those old galaxy fighting types with not so good looking 2D graphics.

It's quite different though because it was melded with a music melody specifically riffs.

You will be playing as a dot lol that's true and make your way on different stages.

I would say this is a unique release but not quite fun to play for me but this took a rating of 7.0 at IGN.

I'm not likely playing this myself who nowadays would play a 2D boring graphics?

Forgot where I got this from on top of my head I think it's torrent or something.

You judge for yourself!!! Hey I need a favor from you guys if you ever tried this will you kindly share your thoughts via the comments? I badly need to add details about this because it's causing untidy looks on the page like the video is aligned on the right...

Many Thanks, :)

Name: Everyday_Shooter.iso
Size: 160.2MB (167936000 bytes)